God's BIG Story (lesson 02) - Act 1: "Creation"

Lesson Two of our "God's BIG Story" teaching series. The trajectory of God’s BIG story is one of unfolding creation! There will be plenty of subplots as this marvelous drama unfolds but the trajectory of unfolding creation must not be subordinated to any of the various subplots that develop later in the drama. The overall trajectory to which all actors must adhere is that of unfolding creation. Redemption is a piece (a very important and crucial piece no less) but the story didn’t begin with redemption, the story begins with creation (a purpose never rescinded)... 

The Book of Revelation (lesson 01) - Introduction

It’s not controversial to say that the Book Revelation has often been a controversial book. Speaking about the many ways that Revelation has been read over the last two-thousand years, New Testament scholar Warren Carter writes, that the book of Revelation, "has frequently been used as a weapon against opponents. It has been used to ‘scare the hell out of people and people out of hell.’” Today we begin our new study series in the hope of taking a fresh look at the final book in the New Testament. Join us for a glorious exploration of John's vision of Jesus Christ! 

God’s BIG Story (lesson 01) - Introduction: Story?

Human life is story-formed (that is to say it is shaped by some story). The question is this, according to which story will we live? Life decisions are shaped and ordered by our sense of how they fit within a larger story or tradition. I can only answer the question, “What am I to do?” if I first answer the question, “In what story do I find myself?” Join us for this exciting series exploring God's BIG story!

Is Not This the Carpenter's Son? (Matthew 13:53-58)

Today’s scriptural passage reminds us that while God’s presence has indeed come near to us, we need to live with anticipation if we are to enjoy the fulness of God’s blessing upon our lives. It’s time for us to take responsibility for the atmosphere of our own lives. Let’s decide today that we will live out this new year with a spirit of anticipation. 

Gratitude with Anticipation

Today's sermon comes from our joint "Service of Thanksgiving" celebrated together with our friends at the First Congregational Church in downtown Oroville. Our gratitude is not just for that which has been, but is also a celebration of what is yet to come. The blessings of God that we now enjoy are just the appetizer for what God has in store for all of creation!