Soul Keeping: Caring for the Most Important Part of You

Beginning July 13th!

(Wednesdays from 6:30-8:00pm)

"The soul is the life center of human beings" — it is the integration of the various parts of a person: body, mind, and will. It also drives our connections with the rest of creation and with God. In this six-session study, we will inquire into the mysterious nature of the soul. We will consider how one might reorient the Christian life around the practice of soul care. By concentrating on the condition of our souls, we can find contentment in God's presence, during current trials, and stretching into eternity. 

For a brief introduction to our series see the following video by author John Ortberg:

Session Schedule

July 13: “What Is the Soul?”
July 20: “The Struggle of the Soul”
July 27: “What the Soul Needs”
August 3: “The Practice of Grace”
August 10: “The Practice of Gratitude”
August 17: “The Practice of Growth”



Palermo - Pierson Home
2455 Maple Ave.
Oroville CA 95966

Thermalito - Marchbanks Home
656 Tehama Ave.
Oroville CA 95965


For more information or a free ride call us at 530-534-1018 or email here.